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(6/15) Seminar: "The View of Life, Death, and Human Development in Asian Countries"

The View of Life, Death, and Human Development
in Asian Countries

Prof. Dr. Ruyu Hung
(National Chiayi University, Taiwan)


Date: 6/15/2017 (Thursday) 13:00 - 15:00
Location: Osaka University, Suita Campus, Graduate School of Human Sciences, Main Building 4th floor, Rm. 46

Presentation will be given in English. Q&A in English & Japanese.
Please feel free to attend!


Presenter Profile:
 Ruyu Hung is Professor of Philosophy of Education at the Department of Education; National Chiayi University, Taiwan. Her research interest is to broaden and enhance the philosophy of education, with respect to postmodern philosophy, phenomenology and ecological philosophy. In recent years, she has extended her research into comparative study by building dialogues between Chinese and Western philosophies of education, particularly between Daoism and the philosophy of deconstruction.

Presentation Overview:
 Learning about life and death from my viewpoint is one of the most significant issues for educators. But this issue is difficult to teach so that it is overlooked. Some Eastern and Western philosophers provide coincidentally resonant but different insights. They also provide food for thought of learning about life and death with respect to nature, or, learning to die naturally.

Contact for more information:
 Osaka University Graduate School of Human Sciences, Anthropology of Education Lab, Associate Professor Mika Okabe (