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(7/27) Seminar: "Doing Philosophy of Education in an Unfavorable Environment"

Doing Philosophy of Education in an Unfavorable Environment
Prof. Dr. Roland Reichenbach
(Universität Zürich)


Date: 7/27/2017 (Thursday) 14:00 - 16:00
Location: Osaka University, Suita Campus, Graduate School of Human Sciences, North Building 2nd floor, Learning Commons

Presentation will be given in English. Q&A in English & Japanese.
Please feel free to attend!


Presenter Profile:
 Roland Reichenbach is Professor of Allgemeine Erziehungswissenschaft (Philosophy of Education) at the Institut of Erziehungswissenshaft (at the Institute of Educational Sciences); Universität Zürich (Zurich University), Switzerland.
 His research interest is to analyze and describe the process of 'Bildung' (Human development and Cultural Transmission) that has changed radically today.
 In recent years, he has joined cooperative study projects about the competency of school students and the development of professional identities.

Presentation Overview:
 The presentation will include three parts:

  1. "Bad strategies" of doing philosophy of education
  2. Problematic anti-essentialism in today's educational discourses
  3. Learning from distant others - comments on the asymmetric relationship between East and West.

Contact for more information:
 Osaka University Graduate School of Human Sciences, Anthropology of Education Lab, Associate Professor Mika Okabe (