Application Guideline: Financial Aid for the Participation in an International Conference by Graduate Students

Academic Year 2019 - First Semester

Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
Student Support - The Office for the Promotion of Graduate Research and Education

1. Purpose

 The Office for the Promotion of Graduate Research and Education has been supporting academic and research activities among graduate students in Human Sciences. As one of its activities, the Office financially supports graduate students who plan to make a presentation at an overseas international academic conference.
 The financial aid covers travel costs to the conference, including air fare, and accommodation ((a part of) lodging costs based on the rules and regulations of the Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University). Applicants may apply according to the following criteria.

2. Eligibility

A current student, research student, or visiting researcher in the Graduate School of Human Sciences
JSPS Research Fellows (DC1&DC2) can apply on condition that the research theme not be the same.
Students who are (will be) on leave are not eligible.

3. Duration

From June 2019 to the end of September 2019

4. Expenses

 Based on the rules and regulations of Osaka University, travel and lodging costs and (a part of) lodging costs (except registration fee and local transportation costs) will be paid.
 If the applicant’s presentation is not confirmed yet at the time of application, expenses to the selected student will be paid after the confirmation of their presentation.

5. Submission of documents

  1. An application form (Please click here to download [Word])
  2. A copy of the conference program (if the applicant’s presentation was accepted) or any document which proves the acceptance of presentation (e.g., mail from the conference secretariat, etc.), and abstract. Otherwise, any material which indicates an overview of the conference (web sites, etc.) may be accepted.

6. Submission and deadline

To the Office for the Promotion of Graduate Research and Education (N306)
by Wednesday, April 24, 2019, at 15:00.

7. Notice for result of financial support acceptance

Results will be informed to applicants by e-mail in the first half of September 2019.
The selected students are required to submit reports after they return from the international academic conference, and to inform Assistant Professor of the Office when the presentation was submitted to a journal.
In addition, they are required to participate and give a presentation in the pre- or post- meeting which is planned by Center for Collaborative Future Creation and the G30 project.
The poster, the handout and the summary they used in their presentation should be posted on the board in the refresh room or the international café, Human Science Main building for a month.

8. Contact

Dr. Takuya Kobayashi, Assistant Professor
Room N306 (3rd floor, North building), Graduate School of Human Sciences
TEL: 06-6879-4053 E-mail: