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第5回 共生学コロキウム コンフリクトの人文学セミナー第102回「FUTURE PASTORALISM Infrastructure, land and conflict in Baringo, Kenya」

第5回 共生学コロキウム コンフリクトの人文学セミナー第102回
共催: 大阪大学 人間科学研究科 共生学系および人類学研究室


Infrastructure, land and conflict in Baringo, Kenya




場所:大阪大学吹田キャンパス 人間科学研究科 東館106講義室


講演者: Clemens Greiner (クレメンス グレイナー)

(Global South Studies Center, University of Cologne)


Land-use and livelihood patterns in Eastern African drylands have changed profoundly in recent decades. Ethnographic data from East Pokot in Kenya’s Baringo area illustrate some of the major change dynamics and point to relevant drivers. While until the 1990s the pastoral Pokot have managed an open, non-fragmented rangeland, wildlife conservation, sedentarization and land-use intensification as well as increasing contestation of borderlands have led to fragmentation and contraction of former commons and to endogenous commodification and land-rush. Expectations of future developments, such as large-scale infrastructure projects and changing politico-administrative frameworks further fuel these dynamics. They create imagined topologies of value in this previously marginalized semi-arid rural area and drive economies of anticipation. The resulting processes of demarcation, boundary making and enclosure are manifest in severe conflicts over land at different scales.



  大阪大学大学院人間科学研究科 モハーチ ゲルゲイ 助教

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