Graduate Admissions

Office of Educational Affairs (KYOMU) Closing Information

 Since the Graduate School of Human Sciences was established it has followed the groundbreaking path of integrating the sciences and the arts conceptually and practically to generate a comprehensive and relevant understanding of human beings and the societies that they create around them. To realize our mission, the Graduate School has emphasized the utilization of empirical, practical, and in some fields, clinical research methodologies that feed directly into the learning environment. The focus is firmly on studying real people and real societies through fieldwork, interviews, and questionnaire data collection. The School also conducts research observing nonhuman primates in their natural environment.

 In order to provide students and faculty with a cutting edge research and learning environment, we have successfully secured additional support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology (MEXT) for two major projects in recent years: 2005-2007 for the project Human Science Education Aimed at Producing Practical Researchers and 2007-2010 for the Promoting the Use of Human Science Data in General and Professional Education Project. In addition to supporting students in research and other scholarly activities, including funding for international conferences and publications, a number of new courses were developed out of these projects. These include some foundational and advanced courses in quantitative and qualitative data processing and analysis, as well as the popular Academic Writing and Presentation Skills Seminars. Our aim is to further enhance the graduate research environment to enable students to develop to an even higher level generic and subject specific skills that will enable them to contribute to wider society in a variety of fields, as well as social and cultural settings.

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