Philosophy of Science

Observing humans through philosophy

Research Topics
■ Philosophy of science, history of science, and analytic metaphysics
■ Application of the output of continental philosophy to analytic philosophy
The field of science of philosophy explores a broad array of philosophical themes starting with philosophy of science and other themes such as history of science and analytic metaphysics. Morita’s research has primarily focused on the question of setting boundaries to the scientific and the non-scientific, philosophy of quantum mechanics, philosophy of time, and the history of early quantum mechanics research. More recent research interests include philosophy of time-space, analysis of the concept of truth, and analytic existentialism. In addition, he is also interested in incorporating the output of so-called continental philosophy without being restricted to the frameworks of analytic philosophy and philosophy of science. This part is slightly unclear. Please consider revising as follows: The research topics of students in this course are diverse. Examples include: the origin of time-space; can death be seen as a harmful outcome? why is there something rather than nothing in the world?; contemporary monism; can AI be an ethical practitioner?; and contemporary significance of Popper’s World 3. This seminar encourages not only interaction among the students within the seminar but also active scholarly engagement with the students from other research fields and other university programs.


Associate Professor
MORITA Kunihisa