Cultural Studies of Education

Examining education as culture

Research Topics
■ The sociological examination of the education system and school culture
■ Research on the educational capability of communities, and cooperation and collaboration between school and local community
We face a variety of problems at school such as “school non-attendance,” “ bullying,” “low academic achievement,” “teacher burnout,” and so on. These problems are not only the problems of individual students, parents, classrooms, and schools but also the product of the school culture and the organization and system as a whole. Upon identifying the social mechanisms of these phenomena from a social-scientific perspective, we evaluate individual problems and seek methods for interventions. In addition, we theoretically and practically investigate an agenda that aims at constructing a better education and school culture.
Specific research topics currently examined by our staff include the following:

  1. Theoretical and applied research on the construction of the education community
  2. International comparative research on school culture and education reform
  3. Theoretical and practical research on redressing academic achievement gaps and school reform
  4. Field research on the school experience of minority groups
  5. Empirical research on the characteristics of teacher culture and contemporary shifts
  6. Qualitative research on the transformation of education culture in the family
  7. Theoretical and applied research on constructing an education community


Professor (S/A)
SHIMIZU Koukichi