Behavioral Science for Environment

Toward the creation of desirable environments

Research Topics
■ Solving questions of environmental problems through practice-oriented community research
■ Psychological evaluation of environmental sound and acoustic environment planning
■ Research on disputes and consensus building over “NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) facilities”
■ Relationship between humans and nature

The coverage of this research field ranges from our everyday living to broader environmental problems and we explore, within the context of the relationship between human behavior and the environment, the requirements for a desirable environmental form that allows people to live contentedly. In other words, by identifying the challenge of environmental problems common to the entire world at the level of our everyday living, we examine the efforts in solving those problems as a process in which we communicate at various levels to discover the value and loss of the environment and share values.
Behavioral Science for Environment forms a unique research setting where researchers with diverse expertise, from both the social and natural sciences, congregate, as our research field adopts the perspectives of “human environmental sciences,” “environmental engineering,” and “environmental sociology” to broadly cover environment-related fields. Another characteristic of this research track is that we have many adult students and foreign students.


Associate Professor
Specially Appointed Assistant Professor
HU Yuyu
Associate Professor
AONO Shoji