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All-English Undergraduate Program

 In 2011 the School of Human Sciences launched a new program taught entirely in English. The new program aims to cultivate self-motivated and reflective students with a sophisticated knowledge base and the necessary practical skills to meet the challenges that they will face in our fast-changing, globalized world. The program offers students two majors to choose from Global Citizenship and Contemporary Japan. While offering an English language learning environment in the classroom, students will also be given an opportunity to begin learning or improve their Japanese language skills.


Global Citizenship Major

 The Global Citizenship Major is a degree program that explores the limits and potential of citizenship in a world of massive global migration and huge demographic shifts within nations and communities. This major is particularly aimed at those students who are hoping to work in international agencies including the UN, NGOs, municipal agencies and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sections of global and Japanese businesses. Students will have a solid grounding in how to ethically identify, investigate, analyze and advocate solutions to problems of a multidimensional and global nature.


Contemporary Japan Major

 The Contemporary Japan Major is an area studies program that takes multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches to studying Japan. While focusing on Japan as an area of study, this program also aims to reflect on the process of globalization. The approach taken will enable students to gain an in-depth understanding of the social, cultural, economic, political and linguistic aspects of the country. We expect that students will be able to integrate a variety of approaches to formulating and solving problems, and utilize diverse materials and information sources to investigate different issues pertaining to Japan and its position in the region and world. Graduates of the Contemporary Japan Major, as area studies specialists, will be well placed to seek employment in Japan or the wide globalized job market.