Undergraduate Admissions

Office of Educational Affairs (KYOMU) Closing Information

The School of Human Sciences offers interdisciplinary courses in the human sciences, with the aim of fostering a better understanding of human beings and creating of a more humane society. Detailed information about undergraduate admissions is available on the Japanese-language "Undergraduate Admissions" section of this web site:

In addition to the standard programs taught in Japanese, the Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program is a four-year bachelor program taught in English. It is an innovative program that enables students to major in one of two tightly integrated majors: Global Citizenship and Contemporary Japan. The program features highly interactive and innovative teaching with students having close contact with international professors across a wide range of human science disciplines. The program aims to cultivate internationally aware graduates able to think and act effectively both locally and globally. Admissions information and more detailed information about the program is available on the following web site: