Undergraduate Programs

The School of Human Sciences was established as an independent faculty separate from the Faculty of Letters in May 1972 with nine chairs in the fields of psychology, sociology, and education. By 1994 the School had 29 chairs and one laboratory.

In a rapidly changing society, many important issues and problems arise in the areas of human thought and behavior, social systems and institutions and human development and education. In order to establish a scientific standpoint for investigation into the realities and backgrounds of these issues and problems and to find out the proper ways of solving them, we must be concerned not only with developments in psychology, sociology and education but also with the promotion of cooperative research and education.

To meet these demands, the School of Human Sciences consists of one department (the Department of Human Sciences) which ensures an organic relationship between the fields of psychology, sociology and education. The School is divided into the following three areas for the promotion of research: Behavioral Sciences (the study of individual or group behavior from the standpoints of psychology and biology); Sociological Sciences (the study of human relations, human groups and organizations, human thought and culture from sociological and anthropological perspectives); Education (the study of human development and educational institutions from educational sociological and psychological perspectives). Undergraduate students concentrate on one of these three areas in the latter half of their four-year period of study.


Information about Entrance Examinations for International Students (Osaka University)

For information about the Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program (a four-year bachelor program taught in English), see the Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program web site: