Lifelong Education

Lifelong education to ensure fulfilling lives for everyone

Lifelong Education

Research Topics

■ Research on multicultural education and human rights education
■ Sports for development and peace, lifelong sports, and community sports
■ Research on gender and education

This research track approaches lifelong education from various angles such as schooling and out-of-school education, but we examine this question particularly from the viewpoint of redressing inequality and realizing social justice. The 21st century society demands us to reconstruct the principle, system, curriculum, teaching material in public education and supplement public education with non-formal education from the standpoint of realizing justice and democracy by focusing on many types of diversity such as race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, social class, social and geographical origin, age, with or without disabilities. In addition, the advancement of globalization has created new issues one after another such as development and peace, human interactions, and mobility.

For each one of us to have a fulfilling life, creating a more democratic and just society is a fundamental challenge for lifelong education. When we consider everyday learning and learning for peace and “happiness,” we must explore the ways learners can solve the problems that they face themselves and the requirements for a society that would make such problem solving possible, while responding to the needs and challenges of the community. Therefore, the ways in which education supports the empowerment of disadvantaged groups and individuals would become significant.
For this reason, this research track undertakes research and theoretical analysis of lifelong learning toward the realization of social justice, democracy, peace, and welfare of the public, and we engage in research that would contribute to policy recommendations and specific educational practice.