Sociology of Communication and Gender Studies

Observing humans through communication

Sociology of Communication and Gender Studies

Research Topics
■ Gender theories, sociology of family, historical sociology
■ Communication theories and media studies
This research area examines diverse cultural and social phenomena in modern society from the perspectives of gender studies and media studies. Specific research topics include the following.
(Professor Muta) We examine various problems around power and sexuality/gender using feminist and historical-sociological perspectives. Major research topics in recent years:

  • Sexual harassment and sexual violence
  • Justice in care and prospects for new “family”
  • Society from the perspectives of transgender, transsexual, gay, lesbian, and other sexual minorities
  • Formation of the modern nation state and gender politics

(Professor Tsuji) Our research adopts a multidimensional approach combining several diverse perspectives to tackle various communication phenomena and their changes in contemporary society. In terms of theories, we attempt sociological development and the application of pragmatics and philosophy of language. Empirically, we mainly employ quantitative research methods to probe the present state of communication; in particular, the key research focus in recent years has been the analysis and examination of communication and media usage that foregrounds the mediation of relationship rather than the mediation of meaning or message.